Gentoo LTS VM: Conor1

  1. Copied existing VM to /Users/username/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/ on OSX
  2. Fired up VM with VMWare Fusion and selected "copy".
  3. Unknown root password - boot into single user mode and change root password:

    1. At grub prompt press "e" to edit the commands. Use the arrow keys to select the line that starts with the word, "kernel" and press the "e" key to edit this line. Press the "e" key to edit the kernel and add "single init=/bin/bash" to the end. Hit "Enter" to save the changes and then press "b" to boot into single user mode.

      Note: Adding "init=/bin/bash" after "single" is only required if the system still requires a root password to boot into single user mode.

    2. Change root password: # passwd
      New UNIX password:
      /usr/lib64/cracklib_dict.pwd: No such file or directory
      PWOpen: No such file or directory # mount -o remount,rw /
      # cat /etc/fstab
      /dev/sda7 /usr reiserfs notail,noatime 0 0 [...]
      # mount /dev/sda7 /usr
      # passwd
      New password:
      Retype new password: passwd: password updated successfully
      # sync
      # umount /usr
    3. Restart with ctrl+alt+delete. The shutdown command does not work: # /sbin/shutdown -r now
      shutdown: warning: cannot open /var/run/shutdown/pid
      shutdown: /dev/initctl: no such file or directory
    Single-user mode links:
  4. Networking does not work. network interface eth0 does not exist
    Please verify hardware or kernel module (driver)
    An "ifconfig -a" shows eth2 and loopback. Swapped mac address for eth0 and eth2 in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and changed eth0 to DHCP from a static IP address: # cat /etc/conf.d/net
    config_eth0=( "" )
    routes_eth0=( "default via" ) # echo "config_eth0=( \"dhcp\" )" > /etc/conf.d/net
    Interface links:
  5. ...and something.