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Amago Sports (Planet Extreme)
22004 HWY 76, Pauma Valley, CA 92061
Contact: (760) 510-2046
MX, Vet and Pee-Wee tracks

AV Motoplex
2551 W. Ave. H, Lancaster, CA 93536
Contact: (661) 942-6040
At the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. Looks like there are 2 tracks an an oval to choose form.

Argyll Motocross Park
Nearest Town: Dixon
Contact: (707) 678-3592, (707)678-9956
Daily practice is offered on the supercross and motocross layouts. There are 50 and 70-foot doubles.
Location: 11 miles south of Dixon off Hwy 113 at 4975 Rio Dixon Rd.

Barona Oaks Raceway
Nearest Town: Romona
Contact: (619) 239-5846
1/2 motocross and Pee-Wee circuits are open for practice Saturday before each bimonthly race. The dirt is hardpack and the infield tripe measures 70 feet. This facility may be closed.

Bishop Motocross (Reata)
Nearest Town: Bishop
Contact: (760)872-1570
Sitting at 4000 feet, this former race spot is available daily for practice. There are hilly outdoor and supercross layouts that are occasionally groomed by locals.

Cahuilla Creek MX Park
Nearest Town: Anza
Contact: (909) 926-4646 www.ccmxpark.com

Cal City MX Park
Nearest Town: California City
Contact: (661) 373-1559

Carlsbad Raceway
Nearest Town: Carlsbad
Contact: (888) 550-6686
Offering racing mostly on Saturdays, Carlsbad remains a true European-style layout. The dirt becomes blue-grooved ahrd and the circuit is best known for it's extremely rough and long uphills and downhills. This facility may be closed.

Carnegie MX Track
Nearest Town: Livermore
Contact: (925) 447-0426, (925) 447-9027
The track mixes natural terrain with many man made obstacles including alot of tabletops.

Club Moto
Nearest Town: Livermore
Contact: (925) 443-MOTO
Daily track prep means great conditions at Club Moto. 3 Tracks: a challenging main track, a new beginner track and a peewee track. Open Tues and Thurs 3-10pm, Sat 9-3 and Sunday 9-5. Wed night is Mini's only (80cc or less 2-stroke and 150cc or less 4-stroke), 4-8pm.

Competitive Edge MX Park
Nearest Town: Hesperia
Contact: (760) 947-7556
With National, Hillside, Supercross, Adult Mini and Pee-Wee Tracks to choose from.

Cycleland Speedway
Nearest Town: Chico
Contact: (916) 342-0063
Two races and occasional practices are scheduled. The one-mile course on flat terrain with a 70-foot double. The dirt is intermediate to hard.

Cyrus Canyon
Nearest Town: Kernville
Contact: (760) 379-5646
A 1-1/4 mile circuit is covered in an intermediate to sandy mix of soil. This is where the High Noon Pro Shootout is held. The course is available for daily practice with a spark arrestor. This facility may be closed!

Edwards Air Force Base
Nearest Town: Rosamond
Contact: (661) 272-8889
In operation since the late 70's, the two-mile track offers two spring and two fall races. The dirt is sand and the track is filled with endless whoops. CRC races here.

El Cajon Motocross Park
Nearest Town: El Cajon
Contact: (858) 759-8619
2 Tracks: Supercross style and a peewee. Flaggers and medical staff on-site at all times. This facility IS closed!

E-Street MX Track
Nearest Town: Marysville
Contact: (916) 434-0851
Recently acquired by Pro Motocross Racer, Scott Davis, the track has been redesigned & is now one of the best maintained tracks in N. California. the course length is 1-1/2 miles and the rolling terrain is filled with loose dirt and sand. Up to 94-foot doubles are put in for races.

Family Motocross Park
Nearest Town: San Diego
Contact: (619) 659-0273
Motocross star Marty Smith has designed a giant park with Pee-Wee, mini, first-time, supercross and motocross layouts. A daily practice and day and night race schedule is planned.

Glen Helen Raceway
Nearest Town: Devore
Contact: (909) 880-3090, (909) 880-1733
Holds races up to three times a week and practices four times a week. National, vintage arenacross and Pee-wee layouts are available.

GSC Yamaha Arenacross
Nearest Town: Bishop
Contact: (760) 872-1570
The Tri-County Fairgrounds holds races every other Saturday from July through September. The loamy, 3/4-mile arenacross biggest jump is a 70-foot triple.

Hanford MX
Nearest Town: Hanford
Contact: (559) 673-8080
Weekly races and practices are offered during the summer, 3/4-mile track situated at the fairgrounds has excellent loam.

Hang Town
Nearest Town: Prarie City
Contact: (800) 426-4869

Hat Creek Sand Bowl
Nearest Town: Redding
Contact: (916) 223-2543

Hollister Hills
Nearest Town: Hollister
Contact: (408) 637-3874
The former FIM GP course holds races once a month. The 3300-acre park holds two unprepped practice tracks and numerous jump spots.

Honey Lake MX Park
Nearest Town: Milford
Contact: (530) 827-2639
Main track with a gnarly hill climg and a pee-wee track

Hungry Valley / I-5 MX / Quail Canyon
Nearest Town: Gorman
Contact: (800) 444-7275
Hungry Valley is the second largest unit of California State Park's Off-highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Department.
Hungry Valley SVRA

Intermountain Motocross
Nearest Town: McArthur
Contact: (530) 336-697
From April to October the fairground hosts three practices a month and four races. The half-mile course if filled with large doubles, triples and tabletops. This facility may be closed.

La Grange OHV Park
Nearest Town: La Grange
Contact: (209) 853-2448
Practice is allowed daily on this one-mile, european style layout. The dirt is nice loam, but there are some rocks along the bottom section. After the start, riders head up a 200-yard hill.

Laguna Seca
Nearest Town: Monterey
Contact: (831) 758-3604
The Laguna Seca Road Racing complex also offers prepped motocross and Pee-Wee courses. The texture of the dirt has improved after tons of gypsum and sand were added. Practice is on Saturday and Sunday. This facility may be closed.

Lake Elsinore Motocross Park
Nearest Town: Elsinore
Contact: (909) 496-4880, (909) 544-3585
Open daily form 9am to dark, Elsinore runs races once a month and every Friday night over the summer. Elsinore will soon kick off a steady night and day race schedule. There are individual Pee-Wee, 60/80, day and night tracks.

Lemoore Naval Air Station MX
Nearest Town: Lemoore
Contact: (559) 816-6678
MX, Pee-Wee and Quad courses.

Little Okie
Nearest Town: Madera
Contact: (559) 673-8080
Little Okie is the oldest race track in California that has been in operation since 1945. Stadium layout.

Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR)
Nearest Town: Palmdale
Contact: (661) 272-8889
A 60-acre park with arenacross, outdoor and Pee-wee courses. Day and night races are held with a biweekly night practice during the summer and Saturday practices during the spring and fall.

Los Banos Motocross
Nearest Town: Los Banos
Contact: (209) 673-8080
Home of www.ampgfimotocross.com

Madera Fairgrounds
Nearest Town: Madera
Contact: (559) 673-8080
CMA races here among other locations.

Mammoth Bar OHV Area
Nearest Town: Auburn
Contact: (530) 885-4527
Reopened in 2007!

Mammoth Mountain Motocross
Nearest Town: Mammoth
Contact: (760) 934-0605

Metcalf Motorcycle Park
Nearest Town: San Jose
Contact: (408) 226-5223
Metcalf offers two motocross and mini courses. The terrain is rolling and the dirt is an intermediate consistency. Practice is run five days a week.

Milestone Ranch MX Park
12685 Holly St., Riverside, CA 92509
5 Tracks to choose from.

Mills Road 2000 MX Park
Nearest Town: Houston
Contact: (713) 915-3500
This facility may be closed.

Motoplex MX Park
Nearest Town: Lancaster
Contact: (661) 723-0773

Nearest Town: Bakersfield
Contact: (661) 834-0159, (661) 399-4784
This track just broke with an AMA Four-Stroke National. Now MX3 holds races twice a month and three practices are held per week. The one-mile course includes a 100-foot triple. This facility may be closed.

NEC Sports Moto-X
Nearest Town: Red Bluff
Contact: (530) 527-8528

Oatfield Raceway
Nearest Town: Merced
Contact: (209) 656-9682
Also going by the name Turlock, Oatfield Raceway runs 14 Sunday events a year and practice is offered the Sunday prior. The one-mile circuits loamy top soil as the reputed best dirt in NorCal.

Perris Raceway
Nearest Town: Perris
Contact: (951) 657-7441
Main, Flat/Speedway and Pee-Wee track. Generally only open on weekends. Open Tuesday - Sunday on non-race days.

Phillipsville Motocross
Nearest Town: Phillipsville
Contact: (707) 943-3029
This facility may be closed

Piru MX
Nearest Town: Piru
Contact: (805) 521-0515

Porterville OHV Park
Nearest Town: Porterville
Contact: (559) 782-7541
Big track, 50cc track and small track

Prarie City SVRA
Nearest Town: Rancho Cordova
Contact: (916) 985-7378

Racetown 395
Nearest Town: Adelanto
Contact: (909) 496-2569

Real Sports Motocross
aka Amago Sports Park
Nearest Town: Pauma Valley
Contact: (760) 233-2145

Ridgecrest MX Complex
Nearest Town: Ridgecrest
Contact: (760) 375-8000

River MX
Nearest Town: Big River
Contact: (909) 528-6000

Riverfront OHV Park
Nearest Town: Marysville
Contact: (530) 749-2109

Sacramento Raceway Park
Nearest Town: Sacramento
Contact: (916) 363-2653

Sandhill Ranch
Nearest Town: Brentwood
Contact: (925) 240-6247

Santa Maria Fairpark
Nearest Town: Santa Maria
Contact: (805) 925-1299
This facility was closed to MX racing in 2008.

Starwest MX Park
Nearest Town: Perris
Contact: (951) 943-4535
Main and Pee-Wee track. Open daily w/ regular Saturday races.

Sun Valley MX Park
Nearest Town: Burbank
Contact: (818) 353-4459

Taft Raceway
Nearest Town: Taft
Contact: (661) 623-1212

Third Gear Pinned
Nearest Town: Yucaipa
Contact: (909) 446-1839

Thunderhill Motocross
Nearest Town: Willows
Contact: (530) 934-5588
Near the main gate but, rarely/never open. Call first!.

Toro Creek
Nearest Town: Santa Margarita
Contact: (805) 438-4412
A one-mile, practice-only layout.

Tulare Cycle Park
Nearest Town: Tulare
Contact: (559) 687-8879
1-1/4 mile motocross track and a 1/4 mile flat track

Victorville MX Park
Nearest Town: Victorville
Contact: (760) 868-5521
This facility may be closed.

Ukiah Speedway
Nearest Town: Ukiah
Contact: (707) 943-3029

World Motoplex
Nearest Town: San Marcos
Contact: (800) 800-8650

Zaca Station
Nearest Town: Buellton
Contact: (805) 693-1209
Main, Short and Mini track. Generally only open on weekends.

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