Dream Van

dream van
For the next race hauler I would like a van with a pop-top sleeper. Using a trailer was nice in alot of ways and for someone with more time and parking I think it could be the ideal solution but, my needs have changed a little.

I would like to keep it cheap though so, the most likely scenario is that I'll buy a used cargo van, add the pop-top, maybe an awning, throw in some wheel chocks, my tool box, secondary 12 Volt system for lights & fans, my propane heater and, a little fine tuning aside, call it done.

Whatever van I end up with has to have A/C and cruise control. I have to drive too far and and in places that are far too hot to go without. The bigger the tank the better obviously. And, if I'm lucky, I'd love a 4x4 diesel. Hmmmmmm.

The pop-top sleeper is to ensure that I have a place to sleep no matter how full the cargo area is. This also provides standing headroom within the van as a happy bonus. Sportsmobile.com has many examples of camper-vans setup this way.
interior pop-up
I would also like an awning. The awning will keep the sun or rain from blasting into the truck and give the bike some shade so, it doesn't have to be that big. This'll also save me some the trouble of hauling an EZ-Up with me and setting it up. 7'x10' appears to be, roughly, a normal van size and appears to run for about $750.

Electrical / Gadgets
It's gonna need a deep cycle battery to run lights and what not all weekend just like my trailer. Also, I don't wanna worry about burning out the starter battery. Electric fans are a must again - it's not A/C but, it'll run on off the battery and it's better than nothing.

Since I'm dreaming some sort of GPS with all the race tracks, riding areas, local motorcycle shops and gas stations pre-programmed in would be awesome. Technically, I should probably also include local hospitals just in case.

May as well have some fun with it:
A-Team Van

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April 27, 2007