Pickup Camping/Pit Gear Notes

For awhile I was heading the go heavy route with racing: lots of spares, lots of tools and equipped to handle every possible condition but, now I wanna go lean. Most of my racing is alot closer and I rarely spend the night at the track so, I wanna go small, light, fast and cheap. A van might've been perfect but, I decided to save a alot of money and get an old pickup truck and drive it into the ground instead.

Bimini Top
I don't know if this exists or not but, I imagine that if I could have a bimini top made for a pickup truck then It would fold down nice toward the cab for transport and then I could just pull it up and toss a deck chair onto the bed of the truck and call my pit done.

If I can't get a bimini top made for my truck or it's too much money then here's some other shade options:

These bed tents are awesome! Easy to setup and most of the time you don't even have to unload the truck first to set them up.