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I don't have alot of time to work on this and the only section that gets updated with any regularity is the racing section. Most of this has been poorly cobbled together from other websites I've had as toys over the years and, even then, largely served as a place for me to store notes / research on whatever topic happened to catch my interest that day.

Feel free come on in and take a look if the urge strikes you. There's probably more than a few bad links and the layout is pretty simple and sporadically updated - I'm clearly no artist. I like things to be easy to find, load fast and ideally be easy to maintain and update.


Some mean nasty person has been spoofing email addresses from my domain recently (judging by the bounces) and, while I apologize for the inconvenience, there's nothing I can do about it. I very rarely send email from this address so, if you receive any and you don't know me personally it's a pretty safe bet that the address is garbage and it's just an evil spammer or virus using a false email address. Sorry.